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Choosing someone to communicate your brand is a big deal. Grab a coffee and let’s get to know each other!


We’re the Tatkas (think “tat·too", but "tat·ka”), a husband and wife team building a business around what we love most in life - food, travel and bringing people together. We live for experiences > things and serve our clients with that same mentality.

We love people and building relationships, good food and new places, unique experiences and pushing past our comfort zone. This is where we belong - helping you craft your brand story and creating an experience that your customers won’t soon forget.


What we believe




designer, list maker and throw pillow addict  //  Graphic designer by trade; optomistic and detail oriented by chance. I've done letterpress studio managing, freelance designing and global beverage branding but the short answer is that I create pretty things with intention, for good people.


favorite food:

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don't like to admit:


financial ninja by day, food connoisseur by night  //  Financial analyst, business strategist and a wanna be minimalist. Whether it's a national mortgage company, digital marketing agency or local business, I find the reasons behind the data and see things realistically (most of the time). 


Favorite food:

favorite travel destination:

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To know us, you must also know our dogs...

henrietta & tenley

office dogs, toy snobs and couch hogs   //  These two put constant smiles on our faces. "Etta" is our food crazy (like her parents!) bulldog that is addicted to scratches and "Ten" is the little guy who gives the very best hugs. You will find us cuddling them while we are home and thinking of them every minute we are away.